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Technical Support

Network Security & Management

In today's economy, information is often an organization's most valuable resource. Protecting knowledge assets can be extremely difficult and time consuming, as every day hackers and competitors create new ways to damage or steal information. You want to be connected, but you need to protect your data. Freeliant Technologies' team of network security experts can help.

Our expertise in complete network and systems integration includes a vast array of security solutions to protect your information. Our strategic alliances with industry-leading companies such as CheckPoint, Cisco, Net Partners, e-Safe, IRE and Sun Microsystems allows us to provide a complete security solution for your data. Whether it's stored on a system or in transit between locations (even across the Internet), we can secure it. From triple-DES encryption to PKIs, Freeliant Technologies has the solution.

These solutions include firewalls to deny services to unauthorized outside parties, and sophisticated encryption techniques to set up virtual private networks across the Internet. Control of the actual content seen by users or business partners can be incorporated into your global security plan, including restricting access to locations with undesirable content, and preventing viruses or other malicious content from being received at, or sent from, your enterprise network.

At Freeliant, we design systems that detect and prevent unwanted intrusion at the source - online and in real time. And, all such intrusions can be documented with a detailed automated report generation system that will let you know who, when, what, and how long; information that you can actually use, presented the way you want to see it.

You'll sleep well knowing that your data is secure, your network under control. You'll have the freedom of knowing that your system is easy to access by authorized users, but virtually impossible to crack by undesirable intruders.

Our team of skilled network professionals is ready to give you the peace of mind of knowing your precious data is safe, secure, and manageable.

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